czwartek, 9 kwietnia 2009

Dj DBT & Ment XXL - Footprints vol.11: Beatsoul

Beatsoul” is the dialogue of two musical instruments which understand each other very well: the gramophone and the MPC beat-machine. The majority of this dialogue is well-prepared and thought out but, as every conversation, at times improvised.

This unique soul selection of well-known, as well as less familiar songs is a tribute to their authors. It is also a return to the best times in music’s history – the 70’s, when the words “rhythm and blues” carried a sincere meaning and inimitable vibe.

Through several recent years played at tens of parties in Lublin and many other cities (Warsaw, Lodz, Szczecin, Sopot…). He is both – a funk-bomb and a master of chillout. His sets are always a unique selection. A keen collector of wax albums.

Ment XXL
He is one of few Polish beat-makers who play live using the MPC 2000XL beat-machine. He produced the Rasmentalism album “Dobra Muzyka, Ładne Życie (Good Music, Pretty Life)”, which has won him a lot of fans. He is often placed among top Polish hip-hop producers.

At present Dj DBT and Ment XXL are working on a new album called W.E.N.A and Rasmentalism Grają Duże Rzeczy.

Footprints 11: Dj DBT & Ment XXL present “Beatsoul” (click to download)
April 2009

01. Roy Ayers - Ain't No Sunshine (Opalaj się)
02. Yusef Lateef - Juba Juba
03. S.O.U.L. - Message From A Blackman
04. Cymande - Brothers On The Slide
05. Coke Escovedo - Love Letters
06. Marvin Gaye - What's Going On
07. Bill Withers - Who Is He
08. James Brown - The Boss
09. The Mighty Clouds Of Joy - I'll Keep My Light In My WIndow
10. Joe Thomas - Polarizer
11. The Ohio Players - Pride and Vanity (My Life)
12. Mike James Kirkland - Hanh On In There
13. Mike James Kirkland - You're Gonna Share Your Love
14. L. Decosne - Gloaming
15. Donald Byrd - Flight Time
16. Leon Ware - Why I Came To California
17. Love Peace & Happiness - Overlooked Generation
18. The Soul Children - It Hurts Me To My Heart
19. Darondo - Didn't I
20. Jean Jaques Perrey - E.V.A.
21. Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul - The Trouble With Trouble
22. Grażyna Łoboszewska i Ergo Band - Za Górą Gór
23. Rufus Thomas - The Breakdown
24. The Meters - Handclapping Song
25. Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues
25. Farida - Supergiu Superman (Nastukaj się)

poniedziałek, 16 marca 2009

Footprints Vol. 10 Matam: For Human

Exactly 4 years ago in spring, 2005 the first Footprints mixtape appeared. During these years a lot of material promoting the music of the 1960s and the 1970s came out. The time for an aniversary mixtape has come. Matam rather left "keeping legends alive" idea - digging through pretty large amount of net-labels not only from Poland. In this almost one-hour set we can find tunes from many labels such as: Buddabeats, Estrada Nagrania, Dirty Birdexx, Bump Foot, Moon Label, Humanworkshop, 16 Wersów, Test Tube or Tokyo Down. Matam completed the mix with dialogues form Jovita movie (1967) by Janusz Morgernstern so the whole thing refers to Polish PRL culture promotion. The author of the cover is a legendary RSO196. Hope you enjoy it!

Footprints Vol. 10 Matam: For Human
(click to download)
March 2009


01 M.W.D. - Snake (Budabeats)
02 Fizz - Midnight Haze (Estrada Nagrania)
03 Spisek - Kolejny dzien 3 lata pozniej
04 Laineet - Hyvia Aikoja (Dirtybirdrexx)
05 Nienvox - Crosslights (Bump foot)
06 Wade - What Do You Think (Moon Label)
07 Basic - Dinky Toy (Humanworkshop)
08 Enbe - Dedicate to (16Wersów)
09 Mr.White - Po to rodzisz się (Estrada Nagrania)
10 Anon - Pati (Estrada Nagrania)
11 TrianguliZona - Recapturing (Test Tube)
12 Leisure-B - Adaptations (Humanworkshop)
13 Briskey - Le désir de l'Autre
14 Maed - Some Kind of Mystery (16Wersów)
15 BandFX - Smoke Story
16 Mentz - Shackles (Tokyo Dawn Records)