niedziela, 14 marca 2010

FOOTPRINTS #14 x SOUL-JAZZ.PL - Tribute to Grover Washington Jr.

Soon after the 13th mix in the Footprints jazz series came out, JMS got in touch with me asking if I’m still engaged in the project. I replied positively with no hesitation. Jędrzej Siwek is a cofounder of, the music-oriented portal on which we worked together since 2004. From that point on we focused on each one’s own projects, JMS incidentally publishing in cultural quarterly journal "Opcje" and, since 2009, keeping his own soul and jazz-oriented website - When compared to the prior ones, Footprints vol.14 is different, mostly because of the concept: it’s the first tribute paid to one artist only. Now why Grover Washington Jr.? Let the author himself speak his mind on this issue:

“Grover Washington Jr. is said to be an 80s’ smooth-jazz icon. Mind this one specifically: the eighties. In those times, apparently less favorable for the music, numerous artists unveiled- along with the change of trends- their more commercial side. There is no point in mentioning names other than that of the main character of this mix but honestly, there were many musicians who turned towards commercialism, which did not always end well. One may ask an essential question here: being a smooth-jazz artist, did Grover Washington Jr. create music of quality up to standard? Well, he did- he was the best. It is possible to be a master without the feeling of disgrace accompanying every platinum record.

I have selected the recordings from the earlier decade for you as, in my opinion, Mr. Washington recorded his best pieces in the seventies. The then sound inspired by nature gaped new spaces in the musical collage of jazz, soul, funk and R&B. Thus, the output of Grover Washington Jr. was diversified and definitely far from the smooth jazz style you have in mind, which you can see or listen for yourself while checking the fourteenth part of the Footprints jazz series.”

Polish native speakers might also be interested in some articles on the artist who played a leading role in the Footprints’ 14th, all the articles by Jędrzej Siwek, of course. It's here and here. Cover: RSO196! x Footprints #14: Tribute to Grover Washington Jr.
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March 2010

1. Moonstreams (Kudu, 1975)
2. Dolphin Dance (Kudu, 1976)
3. Earth Tones (Kudu, 1975)
4. Paradise (Elektra, 1979)
5. Mr. Magic Live (Kudu, 1977)