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Footprints #16 Galus Pokój Czarnych Płyt - Diggin Europe: The Mission 60'-80'

Galus has been talked about in Poland for some time now... His “Retro Lyrics” album recommended to me by the cover artwork’s author, Radek Drutis (widely recognized for his Stones Throw artworks), has been getting some enthusiastic reviews flooding in from many sides. I’ve looked up some more information on the producer from Olecko and it turned out he’s released a phenomenal 7-inch instrumental record titled “100206” dedicated for Jay Dee. Since that time, I keep my eye on Galus believing that he’ll soon win recognition outside Poland. In fact, „Pokój Czarnych Płyt” has already started collaboration with Soulspazm label and the 7” record I’ve mentioned above was mastered by Dave Cooley himself, a Stones Throw represent who worked on the final sound of numerous Madlib’s joints. Recently, two dynamic mixtapes presenting a rich variety of Polish music have been released, one of them being a grab-bag of compositions out of the Pronit catalogue, the other rediscovering the goods of “Muza Polskie Nagrania” (“Muza Polish Recordings”); Shortly after the first hearing I got in touch with Galus offering him taking part in the Footprints project. Here’s the feedback:

„Diggin Europe: The Mission 60'-80'” mix is a collage of European recordings dating from 1960-1980, oscillating between such genres as Jazz, Big Beat, Funk, Electronic, Psychedelic and Rock music. Unlike two previous mixes containing some recordings of Polish artists signed with Muza Polskie Nagrania and Pronit, this one joins musical pieces of European artists from Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Russia, Romania, Portugal, France. The 68 pieces used in the mix were carefully selected out of nearly one thousand vinyl records released in the Old Continent over the decades. The idea behind “Diggin Europe: The Mission 60'-80'” is to show the identity of European music dating from the developmentally significant and simply the best times for the music itself."

Footprints #16 Galus Pokój Czarnych Płyt - Diggin Europe: The Mission 60'-80'(Click here to download)
(December 2010)

1. Lokomotiv GT - Prologue and Trialogue (Pepita, Hungary 1980)
2. Olympic - Harem (Supraphon, Czechoslovakia 1973)
3. Karel Ulach and his orchestra - Romance For a Crown (Supraphon, Czechoslovakia 1980)
4. Maria Pahomenko - Grusti (Melodija, Russia 1971)
5. Stephan Sulke - Nee Fraulein (Intercord, Germany 1976)
6. Bergendy - Automatic Love (Pepita, Hungary 1981)
7. Helena Vondrackova - Az Pujde Dest do Travy Spat (Supraphon, Czechoslovakia 1977)
8. Adamo - Ensemble (Amiga, France 1971)
9. Tereza Kessovia - Love Story (Balkanton, Bulgaria 1973)
10. Apostol Group - A Family Conference (Pepita, Hungary 1978)
11. Omega 6 - Mozgo Vilag (Pepita, Hungary 1974)
12. Merveilleuse Mireille - Je Ne Sais Pas, Ne Sais Plus (Melodija, Russia 1973)
13. Szabados Quartet - Az Eskuvo (Pepita, Hungary 1974)
14. Dorin Anastasiu - Chiar Daca Tu (Electrocord, Romania 1977)
15. Apostol Group - Hol Egy Dallam (Pepita, Hungary 1978)
16. Xanten Sekura - Symphonie 1 (BASF, Germany 1978)
17. Mireille - Tu m'as Donne' La Vie (Amiga, Germany 1973)
18. Marcela Laiferova - MLC (Opus, Czechoslovakia 1969)
19. Klaus Doldinger - Ataraxia Part 2 (Amiga Jazz, German Democratic Republic 1978)
20. Locomotiv gt - Es Jott a Doktor (Pepita, Hungary 1975)
21. Vladimir Misik - Deserted Alley (Supraphon, Czechoslovakia 1971)
22. Syrius - Broken Dreams (Pepita, Hungary 1976)
23. L.Georgiev - Sha (Balkanton, Bulgaria 1965)
24. Cidalia Meireles - Macau (Alvorada, Portugal 1973)
25. Presser Gabor - Electromance (Pepita, Hungary 1982)
26. Marie Laforet - A Demain My Darling (Musidisc, France 1974)
27. Sonja Salvis - Moulin De Mon Coeur (Supraphon, Czechoslovakia 1970)
28. St.Eturski - The Love of the Sailor (Balkanton, Bulgaria 1971)
29. Aktuell - Etude (Amiga Jazz, German Democratic Republic 1976)
30. Frank Schobel - Sie Naht Ja Schon Ihr Hochzeitskleid (Amiga, German Democratic Republic 1975)
31. Passport - Eternal Spiral (Atlantic, Germany 1973)
32. P.Hammel - Blaznowe Byty (Opus, Czechoslovakia 1975)
33. HetFo - Shall I See You Again (Pepita, Hungary 1973)
34. G.Gorbovsky - Gloomy, Rain Evening (Melodija, Usrr 1983)
35. Zsoldos Imre - Charleston Egyveleg Some Of these Days (Pepita, Hungary 1976)
36. C.Kokyan - Msarurgwa (Melodija, Russia 1973)
37. Isabelle Aubret - Quelque Chose (Polydor, France 1968)
38. G.Grigoriu - Inima Mea e a Ta (Electrocord, Romania 1969)
39. Maria da Gloria - Um dia Voltaras (Alvorada, Portugal 1968)
40. Ray Connif - Softly, As In a Morning Sunrise (Amiga, DDR 1972)
41. A.Pugacheva - The Angel On Duty (Melodija, CCCP 1981)
42. HetFo – Weekday Ballads (Pepita, Hungary 1973)
43. Wladimir Wistotski - Ships (Melodija, Usrr 1980)
44. Barris, Koehler, Moll - Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (Amiga, German Democratic
Republic 1977)
45. Lokomotiv GT - Prologue and Trialogue (Pepita, Hungary 1980)
46. G.Kuprevicius - 3 (Melodija, CCCP 1979)
47. Eugen Rotaru - In Zori (Electrocord, Romania 1971)
48. Mihaly Tamas - Ride of the Valkyries (Start, Hungary 1983)
49. Lovomotiv gt - Circus (Pepita, Hungary 1980)
50. Gabor Novai - Mar Nem Tudom (Pepita, Hungary 1976)
51. S.Mladenov - My Rails (Balkanton, Bulgaria 1971)
52. Vaclav Neckar - Nautilus (Supraphon, Czechoslovakia 1972)
53. Isabelle Aubret - Nous Dormirons Ensemble (Polydor, France 1969)
54. Alex Imre - Amor, Mon Amour, My Love (Electrocord, Romania 1970)
55. B. Myljawyn - Rozy cwet (Melodija, Russia 1977)
56. Jean - Michel Caradec - New York (Polydor, France 1974)
57. Kr. Stanishev - Play Upon Words (Balkanton, Bulgaria 1971)
58. Daliah Lavi - ...Und Meine Traurigkeit (Polydor, Germany 1976)
59. A.Zoller - Aphrodite (Philips, Germany 1966)
60. Dainuoja Viktoras Malinauskas - Elegija (Melodija, CCCP 1972)
61. Alexandra - Schwarze Engel (Philips, Germany 1969)
62. Horst Geipel - Satin Doll (Amiga, German Democratic Republic 1981)
63. Fonograf - Prelude (Pepita, Hungary 1976)
64. Jeanne Bichevskaya - Why Do You Sit Up Until Midnight (Melodija, Ussr 1980)
65. W. Tamalja - Withe Girl (Melodija, Ussr 1973)
66. M.Magomayev - Peaceful Be Your Home (Melodija, Ussr 1980)
67. Eugen Rotaru - Rumba (Electrocord, Romania 1976)
68. Chris Doerk - Du Bist Da (Amiga, German Democratic Republic 1975)

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Tony Allen - Secret Agent (Kixnare Regroove)

It’s been two years now since Dave McGuire sent me an e-mail in which he showed his approval of the Footprints project. At that time it turned out that Dave has some strong connections with a (world)widely recognised record label - World Circuit. He asked me if we would like to use some music from their catalogue in our mixes. I thought- why not? Clearly, the profile of World Circuit perfectly reflects the idea of “Keeping Legends Alive!” and musicians such as Buena Vista Social Club or Tony Allen are the icons of world music. Dave has sent me loads of materials thanks to which I did my homework when it comes to this particular movement, but it took me two years to get the idea of what to do about it so it turns out right.

Shortly before this summer holidays I got in touch with Kixnare - one of the most novel Polish producers nowadays, having some strong relations with the hip-hop scene back in the days, currently gravitating towards New Beat Scene (his 2LP to be soon released by U Know Me). I asked him: ‘Wouldn’t you like to remix Tony Allen, Kix?’ And he was like: ‘Yeah, dude, I’ve wanted to do something like that for a long time’. A few days after I received a rough version of “re-groove” which happened to be a dance floor killer! And since I’ve protracted the release, the ready-made version has gone the rounds on Polish dance floors winning recognition of, in particular, Animisiewasz from the dj tandem Piękni Chłopcy. Now, I am pleased to present you with a first exclusive remix here on Footprints. You’re more than welcome to check it on soundcloud. Click the link below to hear it in high quality. The cover is, as always, courtesy of the Legendary RSO196.

Tony Allen - Secret Agent (Kixnare Regroove) Click here to download.

czwartek, 19 sierpnia 2010

Footprints vol 15: the Spirits of Agiel - Footprints on Saturn by Dworak

It’s been 5 months since the 14th part of Footprints came out, I simply love the irregularity and lack of pressure on timing. This time the initiative was taken randomly. I was in Warsaw again when the Footprints series came to my mind. Every time I visited Warsaw up to that day, I kept forgetting to suggest my friends from the Warsoul Sessions Crew compiling their own mixes that would complement the list of prior ones… This time we haven’t been busy with anything else and Grzesiek Dworakowski hosted me so he was asked to take up the task first. Greg is a musical activist and enthusiast taking paths similar to mine and that’s probably why we get on pretty well. Dworak started up with being part of Basementalism, an acclaimed music-oriented website, these days he’s a member of Warsoul Fam and part of an informal group of journalists, “Soulution”. You might’ve checked his earlier compilations in Radio Roxy’sKosmos” broadcasts aired by Warsoul’s founder Maceo Wyro. Grzesiek did not need any further invitations, the suggestion of compiling a Footprints mix was given once. One week later the mix was dropped to my mailbox along with a note on philosophy within this one, or, should I say, listening instructions:

When everything was everything (1:29:25), there was no division between good and evil, there was only time, or perhaps it actually was not there as the future, the present and the past didn’t differ from each other, they constituted one entity (16:33). Spiritualism was materialism whereas fiction was reality. There were no emotions; hatered, love, as the emotions did not differ from time, space or a word at all. There only was something indescribable with languages people are familiar with, as how can one describe everything, when one can’t tell everything and nothing apart, when there are no differences, divisions, total symbiosis… Is this God? Is God only a word, or is this Mathematics? Perhaps there is some logic to it (1:04:14), the total comprising of all the known and the unknown elements of the universe, including these words and your thoughts? (16:44) The Big Bang was the most beautiful of the beginnings, the moment of the universe being born. At the time when the size of the universe did not exceed the size of a nucleus, the explosion occurred, the escalation to which we ascribe matter, thoughts and emotions. (11:50) The constituents of the cosmos started to divide, mingle, first nucleons of the elements started to arise, out of which gas clouds arose, out of which, finally, the galaxies, the planets, the continents, the trees, the people, the emotions, the thoughts and the music of the world arose (1:17:43). In that case, is the Sun, giving us the motivation to live (42:15), our distant relative? Eventually, we have the same ancestors in the odd genealogical tree of our mere existence. Do we differ from the Sun in any way? We’re parts of the same organism, as it seems (1:15). Or, perhaps, we are the Sun itself when we inspire life to the fruit of our creative power? Or are we the instruments of a cosmic orchestra (13:14) and all the rest is music? Did John Coltrane’s saxophone pondered upon his master’s music? Do we get the purpose of our musician? NO! That’s why one should stay themselves instead of pretending to be someone else, something else (1:42:25), and simply play their part in the song. Enjoy the freedom (33:57), celebrate life (05:24) and draw out of its essence (1:11:33). We don’t have a choice but to trust the universe around (1:06:34). Is this religion? Hard to say… I’d rather call it life!”

In this non-standard and sophisticated way, with Dworak’s words, I’d like to introduce to you the first cosmo-spiritualistic part, as there will be another one, I suppose… but let’s not lay the cards on the table yet. May I present to you the Footprints #15. Cover as always by Legendary RSO196.

 Footprints vol 15: the Spirits of Agiel - Footprints on Saturn by Dworak (Click here to download)
(August 2010)

1.We Are The Universe - Neil DeGrasse Tyson Skit
2.Marcus Belgrave - Space Odyssey (Tribe, 1974)
3.Build An Ark - The Stars Are Singing Too (Doors Of The Cosmos) (Sunny In LA Mix) (Kindred Spirits, 2003)
4.Sun Ra - Space Is The Place (Blue Thumb Records, 1973)
5.Ras G - Power Of Thought (P-Vine Records, 2008)
6.Instruments of the cosmos - Sun Ra Skit
7.Madvillain - Shadows Of Tomorrow (Stones Throw, 2004)
8.Kankick - Enter The Inside (Yeah) (www.hiphopvinyl.de, 2010)
8.Carlos Niño & Friends - 9 Moons Full (Kindred Spirits, 2009)
9.Salah Ragab And The Cairo Jazz Band - Neveen (Art Yard, 2006)
10.Maulawi - Eltition (Strata Records, 1974)
11.Pharoah Sanders - You've Got To Have Freedom (Theresa Records, 1980)
12.Carlos Niño & Lil Sci Present What's The Science? - Freedom (feat. Tiffany Page) (Shaman Work, 2008)
13.Nomo - Nova (Ubiquity Records, 2008)
14.Mulatu Astatke - Yèkèrmo Sèw (Buda Musique, 1998)
15.The Heliocentrics - Intermission (Now-Again Records, 2007)
16.The Heliocentrics - Age Of The Sun (Now-Again Records, 2007)
17.Abstract Tribe Unique - My Experience Is... ( Massmen Records, 1998)
18.Source Of Labor - Wonder Twins (feat. Kylea) (Sub Verse Music, 2001)
19.Scienz Of Life - Ancient Rituals II (Ain't Nuttin) (Sub Verse Music, 2002)
20.Yesterday's New Quintet - Footprints (Blue Note, 2003)
21.Dorothy Ashby - For Some We Loved (Cadet Records, 1970)
22.Leon Thomas - The Creator Has A Master Plan (Peace) (Flying Dutchman, 1969)
23.Jose James - Spirits Up Above (Brownswood Recordings, 2008)
24.Rashaan Roland Kirk - Spirits Up Above (Atlantic, 1969)
25.Gary Bartz NTU Troop - Celestial Blues (Milestone Records, 1971)
26.Flying Lotus - Arkestry (Warp Records, 2010)
27.Build An Ark - World Music (Kindred Spirits, 2009)
28.John Coltrane - Naima (Atlantic, 1960)
29.Dwight Trible - John Coltrane (Ninja Tune, 2006)
30.Alice Coltrane - Journey In Satchidananda (Impulse!, 1970)
31.Flying Lotus - MmmHmm (Warp Records, 2010)
32.Mono/Poly - The Minds Eye (Clarity & Vision) (Tasteful Licks, 2010)
33.Travellin' - Dwight Trible Skit
34.Take - Dream Suite Instrumental (Inner Current Recordings, 2008)
35.Daedelus - Order Of The Golden Dawn (feat. Laura Darling) (Brainfeeder, 2010)
36.Farewell Earthlings!

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FOOTPRINTS #14 x SOUL-JAZZ.PL - Tribute to Grover Washington Jr.

Soon after the 13th mix in the Footprints jazz series came out, JMS got in touch with me asking if I’m still engaged in the project. I replied positively with no hesitation. Jędrzej Siwek is a cofounder of wersalka.com, the music-oriented portal on which we worked together since 2004. From that point on we focused on each one’s own projects, JMS incidentally publishing in cultural quarterly journal "Opcje" and, since 2009, keeping his own soul and jazz-oriented website - www.soul-jazz.pl. When compared to the prior ones, Footprints vol.14 is different, mostly because of the concept: it’s the first tribute paid to one artist only. Now why Grover Washington Jr.? Let the author himself speak his mind on this issue:

“Grover Washington Jr. is said to be an 80s’ smooth-jazz icon. Mind this one specifically: the eighties. In those times, apparently less favorable for the music, numerous artists unveiled- along with the change of trends- their more commercial side. There is no point in mentioning names other than that of the main character of this mix but honestly, there were many musicians who turned towards commercialism, which did not always end well. One may ask an essential question here: being a smooth-jazz artist, did Grover Washington Jr. create music of quality up to standard? Well, he did- he was the best. It is possible to be a master without the feeling of disgrace accompanying every platinum record.

I have selected the recordings from the earlier decade for you as, in my opinion, Mr. Washington recorded his best pieces in the seventies. The then sound inspired by nature gaped new spaces in the musical collage of jazz, soul, funk and R&B. Thus, the output of Grover Washington Jr. was diversified and definitely far from the smooth jazz style you have in mind, which you can see or listen for yourself while checking the fourteenth part of the Footprints jazz series.”

Polish native speakers might also be interested in some articles on the artist who played a leading role in the Footprints’ 14th, all the articles by Jędrzej Siwek, of course. It's here and here. Cover: RSO196!

Soul-Jazz.pl x Footprints #14: Tribute to Grover Washington Jr.
(Click here to download)
March 2010

1. Moonstreams (Kudu, 1975)
2. Dolphin Dance (Kudu, 1976)
3. Earth Tones (Kudu, 1975)
4. Paradise (Elektra, 1979)
5. Mr. Magic Live (Kudu, 1977)

wtorek, 26 stycznia 2010

Master's Voice - Footprints #13

It’s been a while since the last Footprints mix (vol. #12) by Piękni Chłopcy appeared. The most recent mixtape being the twelfth in the series eventually became a separate project called “Foots Don’t Fail Me Now” and was mentioned here. Six months have passed and we bring you a brand-new one in the series. The author of volume #13, a turntablist straight out of Kielce being a Displace Image Crew member goes by the name of Master’s Voice and is the winner in "Freestyle" category in 2007 Skrecz.com Battle. Master’s Voice is also in charge of keeping up the Tablism.com project, the successor of a legendary Polish turntablism-oriented site, Skrecz.com. Mr. Jayes is the one responsible for the cover of the 13th Footprints episode. When it comes to the sound, despite the fact that Master’s Voice has compiled various pieces performed by an orchestra or bigger bands as well as by small jazz combos, the concept seems to oscillate around big band style, enclosing the past 30 years of jazz music into a merely 30-minute set.

Master's Voice - Footprints #13 (Click to download)
January 2010

1. Milt Jackson Orchestra – Namesake (Fontana, ?)
2. John Coltrane – Countdown (Atlantic, 1976)
3. Wes Montgomery – Scarborough Fair (Mfp, ?)
4. Young Holt Unlimited – How Insensitive (Kent, 1986)
5. George Shearing and the Montgomery Brothers – Love For Sale (Fontana, ?)
6. Terry Gibbs Dream Band – Day In, Day Out (Contemporary Records, 1990)
7. Charlie Scott – The Lady is a Tramp (Avenue, 1971)
8. The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Georgia On My Mind (Fontana, 1959)
9. Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington – Azalea (Allegro Records, 1966)
10. Johnny Griffin and Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis – Tickle Toe (Fontana, ?)
11. Bob Layzell Band – Basie’s Jump (Avenue, 1971)