środa, 29 września 2010

Tony Allen - Secret Agent (Kixnare Regroove)

It’s been two years now since Dave McGuire sent me an e-mail in which he showed his approval of the Footprints project. At that time it turned out that Dave has some strong connections with a (world)widely recognised record label - World Circuit. He asked me if we would like to use some music from their catalogue in our mixes. I thought- why not? Clearly, the profile of World Circuit perfectly reflects the idea of “Keeping Legends Alive!” and musicians such as Buena Vista Social Club or Tony Allen are the icons of world music. Dave has sent me loads of materials thanks to which I did my homework when it comes to this particular movement, but it took me two years to get the idea of what to do about it so it turns out right.

Shortly before this summer holidays I got in touch with Kixnare - one of the most novel Polish producers nowadays, having some strong relations with the hip-hop scene back in the days, currently gravitating towards New Beat Scene (his 2LP to be soon released by U Know Me). I asked him: ‘Wouldn’t you like to remix Tony Allen, Kix?’ And he was like: ‘Yeah, dude, I’ve wanted to do something like that for a long time’. A few days after I received a rough version of “re-groove” which happened to be a dance floor killer! And since I’ve protracted the release, the ready-made version has gone the rounds on Polish dance floors winning recognition of, in particular, Animisiewasz from the dj tandem Piękni Chłopcy. Now, I am pleased to present you with a first exclusive remix here on Footprints. You’re more than welcome to check it on soundcloud. Click the link below to hear it in high quality. The cover is, as always, courtesy of the Legendary RSO196.

Tony Allen - Secret Agent (Kixnare Regroove) Click here to download.

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