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Footprints #17 x Soul-Jazz.pl - Nature Sounds

There was a time when Sun Ra sent out a warning to the creatures of our planet. His message has become more relevant in the context of what’s been going on Earth these days. Volcanic activity, violent earthquakes, forest fires, tornadoes and hurricanes. Nature seems to be wrathful. Being one of the most current and controversial, one of the hypotheses of the end of the world (or, perhaps, a civilization?) presumes that only 5 per cent of the whole population will survive the Armageddon. Bearing in mind this prophecy, the most recent mix in the Footprints series would be this theme in the ultimate soundtrack where the nature’s sounds can be finally heard after the era of people’s destructive noise. The sounds of nature as imagined by the musicians who care or did care about the planet. If some jazz at dusk sounds like your thing, no matter if you’ve just woken up or you’ve been staying awake for the whole night, this mix is for you as it portends the birth of a new day, a day which may turn out to be better than the previous one. Jędrzej Siwek (Soul-Jazz.pl/Phono), known for his tribute to Grover Washington Jr, is the author of volume #17. The artwork was created by Michał Księżuk. Below is a brief description from the author:

Two years of deliberate choices and random findings, two years of exploiting my wallet and bank account, of dusty digging and international shipping. A two-year quest… And after those two years, an immense satisfaction at the completion of an analogue project, Nature Sounds. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s a classic(al) podcast for two turntables and a mixer. A rhythmic lullaby, an analogue meditation, a soundtrack for a walk, jogging, yoga - you name it. Whatever #17 turns out to be, you dot the “i”: the last word in defining the shape of this jazz footprint is yours.Please, do it reasonably as the authors of the pieces below deserve the best treatment.

Footprints #17 x Soul-Jazz.pl - Nature Sounds (Click here to download)
(June 2011)

1. Buster Williams - Veronica (Muse, 1979)
2. Jerzy Milian - Sheik of Urology (OBUH, 2005)
3. Yusef Lateef - Sunset (Atlantic, 1973)
4. Paul Horn - The Mahabhutas. Prithivi (CBS, 1972)
5. Hu Vibrational - Friends and Gardens (Soul Jazz, 2004)
6. AmmonContact - Our Cry for Peace (Plug Research, 2003)
7. Sabu Martinez - A Memo to Art Blakey (Mellotronen, 2008)
8. Build An Ark - Nature (Kindred Spirits, 2010)
9. Sławomir Kulpowicz - Ananda (Muza, 1987)
10. David Lee Jr. - Spirit Voice (Universal Sound, 2010)
11. Doug Carn - Peace (Black Jazz, 1997)

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  1. Great selection of tracks, very ambient and interesting.